Preface by shihan Bo F. Munthe




²      The end of the feudalism and the Meiji restauration


Takamatsu Toshitsugu, the last shinobi


²       Origin and home country of the Takamatsu clan

The historical importance of the region


²      The hour of birth of a great man


²       Reluctant Sumō fighter

²        First a martial arts education and then to the military

…but first the Shindenfudo-ryū

…grandfather Toda Shinryuken

                                … then the Koto-ryū

                                …and now even the Togakure-ryū

                                …and in between also the „Hichi buku goshinjutsu


²      In the headlines of the local press


²      Sumō fascinates the young Akebono


²      Do not hit little children!


²      The challenge of the Musashi-ryū jujutsu students


²      The meeting with a Sekiguchi-ryū bugai-sha


²      Unexpected visit in the factory

Ishitani Takeo Masatsugu


²      The unknown on the Shinbashi bridge


²      A great bereavement


²      Loneliness and asceticism


²      The emperor’s army


²      Wanderlust


²      Repeated asceticism in the mountains


²      A renewed thrust to China

The political, economical and military situation in Korea and China


²      Takamatsu’s adventures in China

Kokuryū-kai (Armur-society)


²      Return home

…things have changed


²      Purification in a monastery

                                Amatsu tatara hibun                                                                                         


²      The Kuki-Connection


²      A mundane life in Kashiwara

…ninjutsu for the naiton


²      Hatsumi Masaaki – the global player


²      The confusion of the II World War and the postwar era

Essay about Amatsu tatara


²      Moko no tora lives


²      The fateful meeting of two men

Like a miracle

The training


²      The eve of Takamatsu Toshitsugu’s life


²      The next door is pushed open


²      Sōke, the head of the ryū


²      Public relations

Shinobi no mono

The student trains his first own students


²      The first gaijin



²      The death of an exceptional man


²       Ninjutsu hiketsu bun


²      Chronological table of Takamatsu Toshitsugu


Fujita Seiko, the last kÔga-ninja


²      The art of shinobi only for Japanese


²      Teached by oji safu


²      Revenge and violent temper


²      Fateful meeting with mountain ascetics


²      The training to become a kōga-ninja


²      Contact with the Nanban Sattō-ryū


²      A job as „bodyguard“


²      Instructor in the Japanese secret service

The Nagano school


²      Guerilla mission in Burma


²      The postwar era


²      Yakuza


²      Sudden death


²       Fujita Seiko’s legacy


²       Chronological table of Fujita Seiko






²       Index of names

²      List of the ryū

²      Notes

²      Glossary

²      Bibliography

²      Photo credits